Learn a modern, web development process with BIS 402 - Programming for E-Business

Want to gain hands-on insight into a modern, web development process within today’s corporate environment? Consider taking BIS 402 - Programming for E-Business at Northern Kentucky University this coming spring semester.

BIS 402

This class will allow you to see how many corporations are developing and publishing both internal and external web content with what has been termed, the JAMStack https://jamstack.org/. While this tech has been around for seven years, from my perspective, its popularity has increased greatly these last few years.

Moreover, in addition to the JAMStack, this Spring 2022’s BIS 402 course will be based on Hugo https://gohugo.io/ as the static site generator. In short, you will be using Git https://git-scm.com/downloads and GitHub https://github.com/ to manage your content, Visual Studio Code https://code.visualstudio.com/Download to develop the code and content, Hugo as the static site generator, and GitHub Actions https://github.com/features/actions to automate the deployment of your site.

Finally, this is a 7-week course that by the end, you will have built and deployed a functioning and professional-looking web-based blog. In fact, this blog from which you are reading is a blog that I have built and deployed using the Hugo static site generator, Visual Studio Code, Git, and GitLabs https://about.gitlab.com/.