Bis 402 Jamstack Sites

I will be teaching a new class for me in the spring of 2022, BIS 402 Programming for E-Business and will be based on the JAMStack.

Git Internals - Plumbing and Porcelain

Using a bathroom metaphor, we daily use the porcelain items such as a sink. However, we rarely are in direct use of the plumbing of the sink. The porcelain is the layer between us and the plumbing. In the same manner, the commands that we will use in this post are generally referred to as Git’s “plumbing” commands, while the more user-friendly commands are called “porcelain” commands (such as “git add” and “git commit”).

The Basic Git Rebase

There are times, after coding new features in your feature branches, that you need to streamline your Git commit history. Here is a basic example of a Git rebase.

Git Diff using Pandoc for Binary Documents

Since most are writing most of their documentation in either Microsoft Word or OpenOffice’s Writer applications, how can you examine the evolving content between the various commits via a ‘git diff’ in a Git repository? Read this post to find out how.

What Text Format is Best for Git and GitHub?

For me this question was answered initially by considering what works best in Git and GitHub. Given that the readme file format in GitHub is Markdown, this is the path that I am on.

Documents as Code

Part of my motivation is with the fact that I teach programming to Business Informatics students at a local university. Most of them will not be Software Developers when they graduate. However, how great it would be for them if they understood the common workflow of their co-working Software Devs? Secondly, I love how the Git and GitHub workflows assist me in better understanding cause and effect of my work as well as other possibilities within counterfactual scenarios.